A freelance artist who provides expertise in fashion styling, makeup, & hair artistry. Jennifer is based out of Orlando and divides her time between Florida, NYC, and LA. Her career started with a passion for enhancing the natural beauty with makeup artistry and hair styling. After 5 years of working as an artist her love for fashion inspired her to pursue the art of clothing styling as well. She has 14 years of experience working as a makeup & hair artist and 9 years of experience as fashion stylist.


Adidas, The Ritz Carlton, Universal Studios, Samsung, Carnival, Princess Cruises, Starwood Resorts, EA Sports, Corona, Smartwater Glace'au, Vanity Fair, Dockers, Oakley, Universal NBC, Bayer, Conde' Nast, WWE, Brighthouse Networks, Karma, Legoland, The Golf Channel, Publix, Better Than Famous, Full Sail, Puma, Harrison Rand, Hard Rock, Midas, Electric Eyewear, Rosen Hotels, Reebok, Disney, Under Armour.


Dance and yoga. Espresso and dark chocolate. Balance in life is key!  Finding the beauty in everyone and everything.