That 70's Vibe.

 I've always loved 70's fashion, and my personal style is heavily influenced by this era. That 70's Vibe has been everywhere this season. The color mustard and flare legged pants have always been favorites of mine... so seeing this fashion in so many stores, and getting to wear so much of it has been exciting. This is what I was wearing when my good friend Nate stopped by for a meeting and took some shots.

If you don't have any 70's inspired items in your closet its a good time to add a piece or two to your wardrobe. I recommend a pair jeans that flare at the bottom, a rust or mustard colored top, or maybe a cool pair of platform shoes!


photography by- my super talented friend Nathan Robinson.


Sweater- ZARA

Jeans- ZARA


Sunnies- Vintage from NYC